Seventy-five organizations recognized as Employee Recommended Workplaces

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Seventy-five organizations recognized as Employee Recommended Workplaces

The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell, a human resources consulting and technology company, have compiled a list of the 75 most recommended workplaces across Canada. These employee recommended workplaces have been recognized for their dedication to putting a focus on their employees’ health and well-being and prioritizing a healthy work-life balance.

This is the third year that this award has been presented, which is based entirely on employee feedback. Employees of the companies who registered to participate in the award were given a survey that included questions regarding physical, mental, work, and life, along with areas for improvement.

Phillip Crawley, Publisher, and CEO for the Globe and Mail said, “It’s encouraging to know that employee well-being is being discussed more openly in the workplace and to see an increase in the number of employers making this a priority each year,”

This list of 75 employee-recommended companies includes Barrie’s own, Innovative Automation, which puts a lot of effort into ensuring their employees are empowered to succeed in their work while also maintaining an amazingly inclusive company culture. To read more about how they prioritize their employees, check out Innovative Automation’s blog post about the benefits of working for their company.