Our Action Plan for Reducing the Stigma

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Our Action Plan for Reducing the Stigma

Innovative is pleased to announce the following 2017 Mental Health Program aimed at addressing all 4 “pillars” of Mental Health in the workplace:

1. Anti-Stigma:
One of the biggest hurdles for anyone suffering from mental illness is overcoming the stigma attached to it. On January 25th, Bell Let’s Talk Day, Innovative hosted a Mental Health seminar aimed at reducing the stigma and educating our employees on Mental Health in the workplace. Innovative is part of making lasting change of driving the national conversation to help reduce this stigma and promote awareness and understanding. In 2017 employees will be participating in other seminars, similar to the one that took place on January 25th, to promote awareness and provide education on Mental Health which will lead to reducing this stigma.

2. Care and Access:
Innovative provides an Employee Assistance Program to get employees the help they need, 24/7, with just a phone call. In 2017, focus will be made on ensuring that all employees are aware of this service, and know how to use it. Innovative is excited to announce the formation of our very own Innovator peer support group, with monthly meeting space being offered in 2017 during the lunch break for whoever would like to attend.

3. Workplace Health
We have many Innovators trained in Red Cross First Aid. But what about first aid for the Innovator with an urgent mental health, as opposed to a physical health, issue? Innovative is pleased to announce that we will be having a training session in late February to educate our managers and group leaders on Mental Health First Aid. This information will then be presented by the managers and group leaders to all employees in a training session in early May.

4. Research and Funding
Canadian Mental Health Association has an annual national event during the first week of May to encourage people from all walks of life to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health. Coincidentally, this is followed closely by North American Occupational Health and Safety week. During this time, Innovative will be organizing events about education, as well as hosting a BBQ with all proceeds going to support both CMHA and Threads of Life.