Innovative Automation
Face Shield FS-1001-4

Innovative Automation's Face Shield

The FS-1001-4 Face Shield by Innovative Automation provides total face protection from liquid splash and droplets for healthcare workers on the frontline and in sectors such as industrial, laboratory, retail, manufacturing and more.

Many of Innovative’s Face Shields are distributed directly to healthcare professionals fighting the spread of Covid-19. This layer of protection is crucial to shield these frontline workers from infected droplets expelled when a patient coughs or sneezes. It is believed that respiratory droplets are a leading cause of Covid-19 virus transmission.

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  • MDEL Class 1 License number – 11895
  • Strap is ultrasonically welded directly to shield surface.
  • Anti-Fog coating on the face side of the shield
  • 100 Units per box, bulk packed to large plastic bag
  • Conforms to Health Canada Guideline for Face Shields for Hospital Use
  • Dispose of Shields as per Health Guidelines for disposable PPE
  • If you choose to clean the Shield, please follow Health Canada guidelines for disinfecting. Clean and reuse Shield at your own risk
  • Customization available upon request
Face Shield Specs

This Canadian made face shield easily fits over protective eyewear, prescription glasses and masks. The lens is manufactured from an optically clear, low distorting, polyester film.

Southlake Nurses wearing Faceshields

The face shield is lightweight and comfortable when worn for long periods of time. An anti-fog coating reduces fogging potential.

A soft polyurethane foam headband prevents respiratory droplets from entering from above. The headband, combined with an ultrasonically welded, latex-free head strap, securely positions the device on the wearer.


March 19


Innovative Automation begins looking into how we’re able to help in the fight against COVID19. Face shields are identified as an item we’re able to manufacture at our facility in Barrie, ON.

March 22


The engineers at IAI create the first working prototype of the FS-1001-4.

March 24

Met With Hospital Procurement Teams

IAI senior staff visit RVH and Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospitals to meet with procurement teams.

March 24

Begin Work

Following the meetings at RVH and Orillia Soldiers Memorial, the staff at IAI began to work on a production system.

March 26

First Orders Received

IAI received orders from four Ontario Hospitals.

March 28

First Production Run

IAI staff run the initial production run and test the resulting 100 shields to ensure they meet our highest standards.

March 30

Full Production

During this week IAI began full production, 1 shift operation and reached a record of 3,800 face shields produced in a single day.

April 6

Doubling Shifts

During this week IAI started 2 shift production and achieved 7,800 face shields produced in a single day.

April 6

6 New Staff Members

During this week IAI also hired 6 new staff (family members of Innovators) to work the production line and keep up with orders.

April 13

4 New Staff Members

During this week IAI hired an additional 4 staff members (family members of Innovators) to work the production line.

April 24

100,000 Shields Produced

IAI reached 100,000 shields produced at our facility in Barrie, Ontario.

May 1

May 2020 and beyond

IAI continues to produce shields for both, front line health care workers, as well as manufacturers, farms, retailer, banks and more as they return to work.