robotic material handling

Automotive Springs

As part of the process for spring manufacturing, hot springs are handled through various operations to taper the spring ends, punch holes, bend a profile, trim and coin surfaces as well as quenching and cooling. Previously this was a physically demanding process that an operator would repeat for every part.

Plastic Manifolds

The assembly of a complex manifold configuration requires multiple inner profiles to be vibration welded in place prior to the outer shells being assembled. A robot with a 3 component gripper was implemented to allow gripping of the insert as well as gripping the pre-welded assembly and the final welded assembly.

Automotive Panels

Two larger robots were required to remove automotive panels from a custom conveyor arrangement and place them onto side transfer conveyors. The robots are guided to the panels using individual vision systems. The robots automatically change their end of arm tooling based on the part type selected by from the operator control panel.

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