robotic dispensing

Robotic UV Seal Dispensing

Components are loaded 2-up on to a multi-station dial table. After probing for the presence of component features, a UV cured material is dispensed into the perimeter groove located on the outer edge of the part. Two robots were required to meet the target cycle time. After dispensing the material is UV cured and subsequently leak tested to verify the seal integrity. Accepted parts are placed onto a pallet conveyor for further processing.

Robotic Hot Melt Dispensing

Parts are fixtured on a pallet and conveyed into a dispensing station. The robot dispenses a bead of hot melt around the perimeter of the housing and the pallet is released from the station for further processing. The robot will alternate to a second conveyor position to complete the dispensing placing the second part on the pallet.

Plasma Treat/Hot Melt Dispensing

Components are manually loaded to a 4 station indexing dial table. A Plasma treating head mounted to the first. The robot will prepare the surface of the component for the hot melt. The hot melt is applied by the second robot. The mating component is pressed into position on the operator station.

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