robotic automation assembly

Robotic Clip Feeding

Operator loads fender flare to fixtures on a 2-position dial table. Fixtures are able to accommodate front and rear versions with quick change tooling. Various clip sizes are bowl fed to a magazine accumulator mounted on each of two robots. After the clips are installed, a third robot will remove the part from the dial table and position the part under a vision camera to detect presence and location of the clips. Accepted parts are placed on to an out feed conveyor.

Seal Feeding and Placement

Seals are bulk loaded to feed conveyor. The orientation of the seals is detected through an overhead camera which sends the positional offset to a SCARA robot. This robot will remove the seal from the conveyor and place it into a shaping fixture. The seals are eventually placed into the plastic part by a second SCARA robot.

Robotic Notching and Clip Placement

Operators load roof ditch component to fixture nests on 2-position dial table. Robot 1 will notch the roof ditch to allow for the clip assembly. Robot 2 will place the clips into their respective positions.

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