linear transfer systems

Cast Aluminum Parts

Palletized conveyor system with a robot that will remove a casting to clean out a groove for a seal gasket. Part is placed back onto conveyor and transfers to an operator inspection and gasket loading. After leaving the manual station, the robot will perform the final seating of the gasket to the groove in the part.

cast aluminum parts
headlamp assembly automation done by Innovative Automation Barrie
Head Lamp Assembly

Large palletized conveyor system processes left and right-hand parts. Assembly of a reflector is completed on an off-line dial table and feeds to the conveyor line. Automated bulb placement, dispensing, lens pressing and wiring harness stations complete the assembly of the headlamp. Automated testing, inspection with part marking completed at the end of the conveyor line.

Automotive Manifold Assembly

Molded manifold shells are manually loaded to a pallet. Assembly operations include spin-welding of sealing plugs, assembly of actuators and linkages to the manifold. Part is leak tested as well as performing a test to measure the response time.

automotive manifold assembly and linear transfer system
purge valve linear transfer systems
Purge Valve

U-shaped pallet conveyor provides operator access to the middle of conveyor area. For low volume production, the operator can follow the pallet build around the loop to load station components. Assembly processes include pressing and staking of internal components, cover placement, electrical terminal insertion, testing and laser marking.

Automotive Component

Large palletized assembly line to process automotive panel. Components are preloaded to the pallets and assembled by operators on the line. After assembly, the part is tested for component presence and then powered up for noise testing in a sound booth. Finished parts are unloaded by a robot and placed into racks positioned on a rack handling conveyor.

automotive component linear transfer systems

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