Innovative Automation wins 2018 Ontario Export Award

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Innovative Automation wins 2018 Ontario Export Award

Barrie’s Innovative Automation, a robotic industrial automation systems manufacturer, was one of ten winners of this week’s Ontario Export Awards. The award was in recognition of exporting growth and investment in local jobs and talent. The award received by Innovative Automation was the Leadership Award of Excellence which recognizes organizations that are known for prioritizing exporting in Ontario within their field.

In 2017, as part of their global market development plan, Innovative Automation worked with BDC to open up markets in Mexico and Europe through global partnerships. Innovative Automation sells 90 percent of its products to the automotive sector and 10 percent to the medical sector, makes up half of its sales in the Canadian market, while the other half is divided between, Mexico, the US, and most recently, China.

The winners of the award were selected from a pool of over 40 applicants and stood out for their diversity and dedication to Ontario’s export sector. Jeff Brownlee, Publisher for Canadian and Plant Magazine said of the event, “Ontario companies are proving you can take on the world and win. This year’s Export Award winners each share incredible international success stories and are models for others to emulate,”

For more information about the awards event, visit Manufacturing Automation Mag.