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Technology at Innovative

Innovative Automation encourages employees at all levels to be continuously learning and engaging with trends and advances in the automation and manufacturing industry. Teams of passionate, results oriented individuals are what make Innovative a global leader.

Lee Forget, Sr Controls Programmer, works with new technologies and ideas at Innovative Automation. He believes that Industry 4.0 is going to have huge impacts on the industry:

Industry 4.0 is an exciting revolution which harnesses information to tap into opportunities and drive changes in business models. The evolution of data collection over the past couple of decades started from simple storage of key performance metrics that were usually used reactively to quality issues. The advent of cloud computing coupled with data analytics gave birth to the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT. Today, decision makers can be tooled with information that allows them to make changes which greatly improve all aspects of manufacturing processes and products.

The opportunities for OEMs and integrators are nearly endless across all manufacturing sectors. Some estimates for spending in the Healthcare IoT solutions will reach $1 trillion by 2025, predictive maintenance is predicted to soar to over $500 billion and there are solutions that have yet to be identified. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Car, Finance and Human resources can all benefit from IIoT solutions for Integrated Smart Factories.

IIoT implementation requires security, analytics designed for the target audiences and reliability that the information provided is accurate and available at all times. OPC servers, PLC/PAC controllers and custom built solutions are driving the data to cloud based servers. Off the shelf and custom business analytics solutions are used on multiple devices platforms to deliver the filtered information to each target audience. Information that used to be compiled by teams of data recorders and data analysts are being automated in real time without human error and often the practice would have been cost prohibitive. If you want to improve a process, you first need to measure it; and that is what IIoT is all about.

A Great Place to Work

While technology plays a huge role in working at Innovative Automation, it is about more than just a job. It is about being part of a team and community.