Robotic Welding


Innovative Automation provides a range of assembly automation options, ranging from including welding of a variety of materials. Learn more.

Ultrasonic Welding

Inner and Outer Components are placed into CNC machined nests that simulate the final assembly dimensional requirements. An Ultrasonic welding head is mounted on the robot arm and melts the two plastic components together after they are clamped in position. A second robot will then dispense a hot melt material to seal the interface between the two components.

Stand Alone MIG Welding Cell

Components are loaded to a rotating fixture nest. Fixed MIG guns perform the radial welding required around the periphery of the outer ring. Automatic unload will remove the part after weld completion.

Laser Welding Seat Rails

A 6-station dial table locates a pair of seat rails in fixture tooling. Studs are blow fed from a vibratory bowl feeder to each of the rails and placed to the rails. A custom, multi-axis servo driven laser head support will locate the laser in the various welding positions. A second, similar servo laser head shares the laser power supply and is used to perform the laser welding on the second rail. Parts are automatically unloaded from the dial table to a belt conveyor.

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