Medical Device Assembly Automation

Innovative Automation’s medical device assembly automation expertise and success have allowed for expansion and growth in the medical device assembly sector. Much of our experience has been gained by working with Canadian medical device manufacturers. This allows us to work closely with our clients to ensure a controlled and successful project.

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The Innovative Automation Process For Medical Manufacturing Machine Development

In order to understand and provide the most efficient system for our clients, we first study the requirements from throughput to traceability. Sales and application engineers develop a machine concept and budget costs for presentation, review and refinement.

Our engineers and designers then team up to create the concept, 3D model, electrical power and communications system, as well as the pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Our purchasing department then sources the materials and purchases them from our suppliers and the machine shop receives the engineering drawings and materials. Machinists begin to produce the components and assemble the machine.

Once the design is complete, our programmers begin to write the software that controls the equipment and the machine is developed and fine-tuned.

At this point, the customer tests the machine and provides approval and functional acceptance.

The machine is then disassembled, shipped, reassembled and set-up at the customer’s facility. On site acceptance testing is performed to confirm the machine is working as expected. The customer then performs FDA and ISO verification, including IQ, OQ & PQ tests.

Innovative Automation Provides Automated Solutions For Various Medical Manufacturers

Innovative Automation is available for assembly automation projects including, but not limited to:

  • Male and Female birth control devices
  • Oxygen masks
  • Biofluid sample collection containers
  • Material handling
  • Vision inspection
  • Luer Lock Device Assembly
  • Tubing set Assembly
  • Reagent Flask Assembly
  • High speed Labeling
  • Robotic Assembly
  • UV Glue Dispense and Cure
  • Capping
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Tube Insertion
  • Leak Testing
  • Reagent Dispense

Innovative Automation strictly adheres to provided specifications to assure process approvals are always met.

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